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Site, Museum of Mythological Water Beasts

Commissioned work for Exhibition in Ormston House, Limerick.

This commission forms part of a multi–year project at Ormston House Cultural Resource Centre, centred around the River Shannon in Limerick City and its surrounds. Initially I researched ceramic objects on display at the Limerick City Museum. These archaeological references came in the form of a locally-produced Georgian-era terracotta brick and a mediaeval tile.

Taking these artefacts and the geophysical traces of time and flow found in the river itself as starting points, I took plaster casts of sections of the riverbed at low tide. These casts then became plaster molds used to make clay tiles for the floor of the gallery. The clay is dug from the brick fields just outside the city, it is essentially the same material that the Georgian buildings in Limerick were constructed from in the 19th century.

I ran a series of workshops in the Gallery itself, inviting members of the public to come and make a tile for the final installation work in the gallery. In essence, I am invited the people of Limerick to come and build their own museum, to physically connect with the history of their city while making an object from a product the River Shannon itself. Through this process individuals became connected to each other, the city, the river and the gallery creating a community that spans time and place.

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